Sweet Honesty

By Emilio, on Apr 16, 2011


According to state records City Manager Carlos Palacios is supported by a Deputy City Manager, an Assistant City Manager, and an Assistant to the City Manager. Palacios and his personal Assistant alone earn a combined annual income of $298,606 with Palacios earning $204,069 of it. The combined annual income of Palacios and his 3 member staff is $596,570.

But, our city manager seems to need additional assistance. The City Manager’s office employs 4 more people and 2 interns. Our City Manager and his 7 member staff (2 interns) earn a combined annual income of $870,259.00 to help manage our city. When the tax paying public doles out almost $900,000 annually to the city manager and his staff, in a city with a 28% unemployment rate, they should have the right to question how $225,000 was paid to a dealership 3 years ago for a fire truck we still don’t have.Public Safety?Horale, mi Huevos Rancheros Amigos!

On the subject of Retaliation, the “newspaper” that Palacios may have referenced in his chastising email to ex- council member Bill Neighbors, was the Register-Pajaronian. At the first council meeting after Neighbor’s Op-Ed, the “city council” decided that the R-P has to re-bid to continue to print public notices. I will make another bold prediction. The Santa Cruz Sentinel will get that bid, leaving another local business losing more money. Why would our city outsource an income generating business when we are tittering on a 30% unemployment rate?


“After seeing efforts by the local political click to smear pilot Ken Adelman for his sizable donations to campaigns of candidates supporting the airport and opposing Bersamin, Alejo, etc., in council races, it was good to see a favorable photo of him in today's Sentinel (page B1) getting ready to charge his electric vehicle at the new downtown Santa Cruz charging station.   On the subject of bad cars, the page A1/A2 news story on state legislators having their vehicle allowances slashed mentioned they will hereafter receive a flat $300 vehicle allowance, and must "surrender the taxpayer-financed vehicles to the state."  If that happens, I wonder how expensive of a vehicle Assemblyman Alejo might purchase now that the car payment will be his, and having to pay that, fuel and other expenses out of the $300.  But in fairness, since he was the worst abuser of the previous policy among the new legislators, if his excesses had any influences on this action, then we must admit that his actions in Sacramento have actually brought about one positive (though unintended) change in state government.” STEVE BANKHEAD

According to city records, our city manager receives a $500.00 monthly car allowance, and our city clerk and eight directors receive a $400.00 monthly car allowances for an annual total of $44,400.00 on our taxpayer’s tab. This while Watsonville is experiencing an approximate 30% unemployment rate? Watsonville taxpayers should not have to ask these city employees to do what our governor is asking his staff to do, and that is to give them up!

And, why is Mayor Dodge driving a city owned vehicles? I clocked him at over 80 miles per hour in a 65 MPH zone on Highway 1 not too long ago in a city owned vehicle. Let’s hope that the doesn’t get into a serious injury accident while text messaging on a city stipend cell phone because you can only imagine what that will cost us taxpayers. Most likely more than what we are compensating our city manager?

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